Retiretech Forum 3.0 Recap

2024 — The Fontainebleau, Las Vegas — Recap
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Future of The Annuity Market - The Macro Trends

What will drive growth in the annuity and broader retirement market over the next three years? Demographic shifts will continue to drive demand. However, the industry must navigate a presidential election cycle, global conflicts, higher interest rates, market volatility, and regulatory change. Scott Hawkins will paint the picture and predict how our industry will look three years from now.

Speaker: Scott Hawkins, Conning

Scott Hawkins Speaking at Retiretech Vegas 2024

The Shape of Distribution To Come

Consolidation has permanently changed the face of independent distribution forever. Or has it? We will explore the next phase of consolidation and new forms of distribution that may potentially evolve.

Moderator: James Wong, Partners Advantage

  • Speakers: Patrick Kelly, Signal Advisors | Tyler End, Retirable | Wes Severin, Symetra | Brian Lucius, Gradient Financial Group


Building Purpose-Driven Retirement Plans

Our industry favors left brain approaches to retirement planning - all concepts tend to revert to spreadsheets. However, clients think and act with their emotions on the right side of the brain. How do we better connect the two? Joe Jordan, and industry icon will talk about these challenges and how to connect retirement plans with purpose.

Speaker: Joe Jordan


Seeking Stable Growth - Designing The Next Generation of Annuities

In the past decade, interest in fixed-indexed annuities has surged, grabbing a substantial market share. With ongoing innovation in indices and shifts in the macro-economic landscape, various crediting strategies have emerged. Looking ahead to 2024, amidst persistent high rates and market volatility, what transformations can we expect in our products? And, crucially, how should advisors adapt their recommendations to navigate this dynamic landscape?

Moderator: Branislav Nikolic, The Index Standard

  • Speakers: Bobby Samuelson, Life Innovators | Sri Reddy, Principal Financial Group | Jason Fichtner, Alliance for Lifetime Income


Reinventing Customer Experience and Service in An AI-Driven World

We spent the last 5 years building a better digital experience for consumers - a lofty goal given the legacy systems still running behind the scenes. However, the next wave of innovation driven by AI will change customer expectations again. How should our industry respond? Can we use this wave of innovation to finally create the customer and agent experience we all want to deliver?

Moderator: Sam Zimmerman, NCD

  • Speakers: Scott Campbell, American National | Jay Singh, Hedgeness | Sean O'Donoghue, Chief Technology Officer, Security Benefit | Dan Gremmel, Zinnia


Model Regs and Foundation Models: How Should The Industry Rethink Their Mission

From AI governance to best interest standards, state regulators will continue to play a pivotal role in defining the shape of innovation to come. Top regulators across the country will discuss their view of the future and how innovators should respond.

Moderator: George Esposito, Zinnia

  • Speakers: Commissioner Andrew Mais, Connecticut | Commissioner Nathan Houdek, Wisconsin | Commissioner Kathleen Birrane, Maryland | Commissioner Troy Downing, Montana


Finding, Funding and Improving The Future Retirement of GenX and GenZ

When should retirement planning start? How should the experience change not only for Baby Boomers but for Millenials, Gen Z and Gen Y? We will talk about innovations in product and engagement that will change how the process occurs in the future.

Moderator: Jonathan Kalman, EOS Venturs

  • Speakers: Alison Susko, Asset–Map | David Macchia, Wealth2K | Farooq Sheikh - Unqork | Sri Reddy, Principal Financial Group


The End of Accelerators as We Know Them - Meet The Next Model Of Corporate Innovation

What is innovation and how does it occur? The answer for companies has changed dramatically since the launch of the first Insurtech accelerators in 2011. Ten years later, what is the future model for corporate innovation? Leaders in the space will share their learnings and recommendations for other carriers to follow over the next three years.

Moderator: Jason Gross, Manchesterstory

  • Speakers: John Wilson, UConn School of Business | Laurissa Berk, UConn School of Business | Alexis Vaughn, Off Course Consulting


CEO Roundtable: Where Will The Industry Be in Three Years?

Our industry faces great opportunities in the next three years...and also great challenges. Emerging new technologies show promise of changing some fundamental economics of the business. Engagement with agents may get easier. Service may improve. Legacy systems may be cheaper to convert. However, the underlying currents of interest rates, market volatility, and regulatory change still play a predominant role driving the direction of our industry. Hear how top CEOs in our business think about navigating their companies through a turbulent time.

Moderator: Paul Tyler, Nassau

  • Speakers: Bill Egan, Oceanview | Doug Wolff, Security Benefit | Bruce Donaldson, Simplicity

Retiretech CEO Roundtable

Investment Horizons - How Do We Make Smart Bets On The Future of Retirement?

2023 may go done in Insurtech as the year of the great valuation reset. However, the annuity & broader retirement markets continue to grow at a record pace. What opportunities show the greatest promise in 2024 in this space and which ones will win funding? 

Moderator: Doug Roth, CT Innovaitons

  • Speakers: Ray Jang, Primetime Partners | Marie-Christine Razaire, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures | Andrew Wegrzyn, SixThirty Ventures


Has The Time For Annuities In The Workplace Arrived?

In 2023, some of the biggest players in the 401(k) space – Fidelity, BlackRock, and State Street Global Advisors –announced plans to include annuities as retirement savings options. Will employees in 2024 start to the check the box and ignite one of the biggest untapped markets for the product? If not, what do we need to do next to make the worksite market take off?

Moderator: Scott Hawkins, Conning

  • Speakers: Ramsey Smith, | Sherry Chan, Atidot | Tamiko Toland, IncomePath

Speakers: Ramsey Smith, | Sherry Chan, Atidot | Tamiko Toland, IncomePath

Building Global Retirement Corridors

In 2022, the UK Government announced a formal agreement with Connecticut Insurance & Financial Services (CT IFS), the MetroHartford Alliance (MHA), the Connecticut Insurance Department, and Insurtech UK to launch a new InsurTech Corridor. Susan Winkler, the architect of the agreement, will lead a discussion with the head of trade missions across the world about what is the next opportunity for state-assisted innovation.

Moderator: Susan Winkler, CT IFS

  • Speakers: Michael Hendy, British Consulate - General Boston | Gene Goddard, MetroHartford Alliance | Laura Dinan Haber, Nassau


Tech Modernization: Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Meeting Market Demand

Enjoy this special keynote recorded at RetiretechTM Vegas on April 9, 2024, where Paul Tyler welcomes Michele Trogni, CEO of Zinnia, to discuss the transformative impact of technology on the life annuity and health business. Trogni highlights how technology is bringing transparency, simplification, standardization, and productivity to the industry, revolutionizing the retirement sector.

Moderator: Paul Tyler, Nassau

  • Speaker: Michele Trogni, Zinnia

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