093 Innovation, ESG, & Urban Farming in Hartford

This week we welcome Christian Heiden, founder of Levo International, an international social impact organization that leverages innovations in the food security space to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Our conversation is rooted in innovation through the lens of ESG and urban farming. Levo combines hydroponic farming, community-supported agriculture, and family-based growing to make a local impact. Locally, Levo has partnered with 150 residents in the North End of Hartford to educate them on how to micro-farm using their hydroponic garden systems. The farmers will work with Levo to grow their crops and sell them through CSA subscriptions. Levo also has over 300 systems operating in Haiti.

Listen and gain insights into navigating a family business, tips for future founders, and being willing to plant seeds, till ideas, and harvest impact through action.

Connect with Christian Heiden: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-heiden/

Learn more about Levo International: https://levointernational.org/founding-story

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Laura Dinan Haber093 Innovation, ESG, & Urban Farming in Hartford