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130 Building For Equity: Meet the Girls For Technology Program Finalists

Welcome to this exciting podcast episode recapping the Building For Equity culminating pitch event hosted by Girls For Technology on August 3rd in Hartford, CT. Special edition host, Tisa Rabun-Marshall, will take you through the highlights of this unforgettable evening.

Picture this: a vibrant gathering filled with innovative ideas, inspiring presentations, and moments that left a lasting impression. The event showcased ten exceptional pitches that left us inspired, proving the undeniable power of innovative thinking and the potential to create a positive global impact.

Join us as we dive into exclusive interviews with the entrepreneurs behind these groundbreaking ideas. We’ll hear from Rashia Schand of Flurish LLC, Alexsys Cooper representing Outlashed by Lexx, Nicqueva Harrison with Elsada by Nicqueva, and Mya Gray from Viewfindher Films, each sharing their journey and passion.

But that’s not all – Yasmine Nahounou of Yian Company, Leslie Gomez of Imperfect by Pop, Clovia McIntosh from IRL Innovations LLC, and Dorothelia Barnett of Dottie’s Sea Moss Wellness Bar will also captivate us with their stories of innovation and determination.

The podcast wouldn’t be complete without shining a spotlight on the remarkable Kay Johnson of Push Classic Collections and Jodi-Ann Bryan, the driving force behind Jodi Cup of Health. Their dedication to their respective ventures is truly inspiring.

And of course, we have the privilege of speaking with the dynamic Sabrina Tucker-Barrett, the President & CEO of Girls For Technology. She’ll provide us with insights into the organization’s mission and the incredible impact they’re making.

Join us in celebrating the culmination of this extraordinary pitch event that showcased not only brilliant ideas but also the limitless potential of human innovation. Stay tuned for an episode filled with creativity, determination, and the promise of a brighter future.

Learn about the program here:

Building For Equity: Girls For Technology’s culminating pitch event
August 3, 2023
Nassau Financial Group, Hartford, CT

Featured interviews:
Host: Tisa Rabun-Marshall

Rashia Schand, Flurish LLC.
Alexsys Cooper, Outlashed by Lexx
Nicqueva Harrison, Elsada by Nicqueva
Mya Gray, Viewfindher Films
Yasmine Nahounou, Yian Company
Leslie Gomez, Imperfect by Pop
Clovia McIntosh, IRL Innovations LLC.
Dorothelia Barnett, Dottie’s Sea Moss Wellness Bar
Kay Johnson, Push Classic Collections
Jodi-Ann Bryan, Jodi Cup of Health
Sabrina Tucker-Barrett, President & CEO, Girls For Technology

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Laura Dinan Haber130 Building For Equity: Meet the Girls For Technology Program Finalists
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