086 Protecting Families Through Machine Learning-Led Client Retention with Neeraja Rasmussen, Spyglaz


Some people say that life insurance is one of the noblest gifts for others. A person who purchases a policy usually won’t benefit from it – but their surviving spouse and children will. Everyone in the insurance industry wants the policy to be in force when it’s really necessary.

Unfortunately, the person who purchased the policy may let the policy lapse – sometimes intentionally and other times not. Today, Neeraja Rasmussen, CEO of Spyglaz, and Susan Zophy, Chief Service Officer for Nassau Financial Group Financial talk about their innovation partnership, and the value of leveraging machine learning to predict future customer behavior and needs. The discussion also offers a lens into the challenging process of finding and keeping new customers as a startup. Listen along as we discuss the three things a startup has to do in order to become a valued tool and accepted partner.

Learn more about our guests:

Neeraja Rasmussen is the Founder of Spyglaz, a machine learning platform for customer retention and growth, serving the Life/Annuity Insurance and Asset Management industries. Spyglaz uses machine learning to predict the next best action for better customer conversations, which distribution partners are most likely to grow over time and early asset retention opportunities. They do this through a rapid adoption process that does not require backend integration, does not touch legacy systems, and starts delivering value within 4 weeks.

Before founding Spyglaz, Neeraja spent 20+ years managing customer retention/acquisition programs for financial services and technology companies. She has 10+ years of experience building global teams from the ground up, with hands-on experience developing customer-first programs for both Fortune 500 and SMB companies. She’s an advocate/speaker on building racially diverse ecosystems that recognize the value delivered by women and minority entrepreneurs.

Connect with Neeraja Rasmussen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neerajarasmussen/
Learn more about Spyglaz: https://spyglaz.com 

Connect with Sue Zophy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-zophy-03159014/ Learn more about Nassau Financial Group: https://nfg.com 

Learn more about Nassau Re/Imagine: imagine.nfg.com
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Laura Dinan Haber086 Protecting Families Through Machine Learning-Led Client Retention with Neeraja Rasmussen, Spyglaz